Some people collect antiques. We collect antique stories. Much more valuable

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Let us collect your story treasures at My Story.

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We won a Silver Telly Award for our first documentary

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The 20-part Children of the Revolucion documentary series we produced has garnered us a New York Film Festival award and a Telly Award. Not bad for our first attempt at TV programming.

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Real listening saves lives

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When people listen on purpose and record the life story of an elder, miracles happen. Besides the obvious fact that the story will be preserved, the healing that occurs in the storyteller because his or her life has had meaning and because their story has been passed on extends and enhances life.

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Today is a day when many get together and share stories

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Make sure you are audio or video recording those stories. Your future generations will thank you for this blessing.

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Now and especially in the future… You can press rewind on your life

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Life seems to be divided into episodes. Telling the story of the highlights of your visit on Earth adds meaning to your life.

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What if you could watch a movie of your great grandfather and great grandmother

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And they are the ones telling their life story. That’s what we do. The only difference is that you will be telling your story for your future generations. Now imagine your future descendants watching a video of you 100 years from now. Pretty cool.

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