San Antonio and South Texas Latinos such as Henry Cisneros, Alex Briseno, Ricardo Romo, John Phillip Santos, Virgil Elizondo, Charles Barrett, Congressman Charlie Gonzalez and many others share family stories of their ancestors’ lives in Mexico, their escape to Texas and their final decision to remain here. Producer and director Lionel Sosa and associate producer Jesus Ramirez for KLRN present the little known stories about the families who helped develop the rich cultural fabric of the city we know and love. Join us every Thursday this month for a FREE SCREENING.
Episode 6 – Revolutionary Women and the Adelitas
Patti Elizondo and Cecilia Herrera, both successful international women, tell the story of how the young women in their families were disguised as boys or as elderly women to avoid detection by revolutionary soldiers.
Episode 7 – Anticipating a Revolution
Hortencia Gamez’s grandfather was a wealthy landowner in the northern of Mexico. He anticipated the revolution, sold everything and fled before the canons roared to keep his 6 sons from risking their lives in battle.
FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. February 23, 6:30PM