The My Story Story

A Story…

In the year 2000 when the mother of My Story founder, Jesus Ramirez, was winding down her life while suffering from cancer of the lymph system, Mr. Ramirez began to show photos to his mother which he had scanned and asked her about the “people in the picture.”  He then decided to make a moving slide presentation of his mom’s life with the intention to project it at her funeral, which was imminent.  Two days before her passing, Mrs. Ramirez was able to see the tribute that would be played at her own funeral.  Actually there were some mistakes. One of the photos everyone thought was Mrs. Ramirez as a little girl was not her, and Jesus was obliged to fix it.  At the funeral, the event was a celebration of the life of Estela Ramirez rather than the somber, quiet and awkward funeral that is typical.  People were engaged in an active conversation about Estela Ramirez. They were chatting, laughing, and reminiscing about Mrs. Ramirez.  It was a wonderful and fitting closing to her earthly life.

Because her son Jesus enjoyed videotaping his kids, their events, virtually every family function, he also captured loads of video of Mrs. Ramirez while she was alive.  On the anniversary of her death, Jesus made a movie from the scenes of her life for all of his brothers and sisters.


The years passed and on several occasions Jesus decided to interview his father about his life and the life of his ancestors.  Before one of those video interviews in 2006 Jesus needed to stop off for some blank tapes before video recording his dad, and upon turning into the parking lot at a local Best Buy he had a flash of insight that he may not be the only one who wants to preserve his parent’s story.  Excited, he returned home to begin a brainstorm on how a My Story company could help preserve the memories of grandmas and grandpas everywhere for generations to come.

Jesus Ramirez has now recorded a substantial amount of his father’s story and knows an amazing amount about his genealogy, cultural lore and antics of his ancestors.  This is one of his greatest treasures as it helps him understand who he is.