Why Preserve Memories

It happens all the time.  Grandma is telling the story she always tells during a family reunion.  When she finishes, someone says, “We should have recorded that.”  And life goes on and grandma’s story never gets recorded and the memory is lost when she no longer graces us with her earthly presence.

My Story is on a mission to put an end to the loss of valuable and inspiring family memories and stories.

Why should we do this?
People are taken by surprise when they realize that all of their plans to preserve their memories just didn’t happen. For one life reason or another they never had or made the time to tell their story and, as a result, their family and friends (i.e. their world) do not know them or their family history.

Meanwhile, in the last 20 years, technology and specifically video and digital photographs have changed how people preserve and share memories. At the age of 40 and above people begin to value their family legacy. It is common now for adults to capture weddings, sporting events and other milestones. However, few if any adults have ever turned the camera towards themselves to tell their story.  Now they can.  Now there is an organized, confidential, effortless, professional and comfortable space for storytellers to tell their story.

Before My Story, professional life documentaries were only available to celebrities and historical figures. Now they’re available to everyday people iike Grandma Winnie or Grandpa Mike.

We’ve made it easy for people who don’t have the discipline, time, know-how, encouragement, equipment, or the coaching to write, record, or videotape their story or the story of someone they love.

With the help of My Story’s master Story Collectors and Story Weavers family stories can and will be preserved forever.

My Story captures your life story on the digital format (the format of the future) so that it can remain as a legacy for family members for years to come