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As people reach the mature years, they like to put their affairs in order and tie loose ends up before they take their final bow. One of the must-have practices that people need help with in these golden years is a living will. It legally details the how and when the loved ones and administrator of the person who is terminal or deceased should make decisions. It also specifically details who will be the heirs. Finally, it spells out how property will be distributed as to insure others or government entities to not complicate matters further.

There now exists an opportunity to leave an accompanying pre-recorded living movie with the highlights of the living will. It can be thought of as a beautifully produced lasting presentation of the living will with as much detail or with as much background surrounding the property being gifted. This is an opportunity to explain what the different assets and property meant to the person recording the will. If an heirloom, a piece of art, or a special collection has a rich history, it can be story-told in this session. This person can also choose to provide words of wisdom and/or sound investment advice to accompany a sum of money that will be transferred to your loved ones. An on-camera living will is is an ideal and lasting medium for a person to provide sentiment and comfort as well as advice and reason to their family members left behind.


How it comes together

My Story has a professional white limbo studio environment where story-tellers can present their story in the best light. Our digital audio microphones ensure that their message is delivered in a clear presentation free of distractions. Typically, story-telling sessions last approximately one hour. However, should a story-teller require more on-camera time, My Story’s story—collectors will be happy to accommodate them. This process is completely customizable to fit the individual needs of each storyteller. Once the story has been captured, My Story’s story-weavers will be begin to remove any mistakes, re-dos or any other distraction that should not be on the final video.

Package I

Living Will

  • Up to 1 hour Pre-Storytelling
  • 1 hour shooting in the Storytelling porch
  • 2 hours of Story-weaving
  • Up to 15 pictures
  • 5 Copies, labels included
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Package II

Living Will

  • Up to 2 hour Pre-Storytelling
  • Up to 2 hour in the Storytelling porch
  • ½ a day of Story-weaving
  • Up to 30 pictures
  • 10 Copies, labels included
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Package III

Living Will

  • Up to 3 hour Pre-Storytelling
  • Up to 3 hour in the Storytelling porch
  • 1 full day of Story-weaving
  • Up to 50 pictures
  • 15 Copies, labels included
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