Fausto Yturria
My Story has helped me leave my family story for my children and grandchildren. They don’t really care about my story now. But the minute I’m not around, the value of this story is going to be huge. I have completed more than 36 hours of storytelling and the finished product is beautiful. Each of my children and grandchildren have a 9 Blu-Ray set of mine and their ancestry, back story, life experiences… The whole story.
Sandra Cisneros (excerpt from Children of the Revolucion TV Show produced by My Story)
If you don’t write your story down it didn’t happen.  It is not history.  If you don’t write or document your story, it is like that person never existed. And somebody else will write your story.
Eustolia Ortiz
Me siento mucho mas tranquila al saber que dejo mi historia grabada para mis hijos, mis nietos, y los hijos de mis nietos, para que ellos sepan quien fui yo.