The Story Weaving Session

Story Weaving – Editing Services

What does on hour of Story Weaving cost?

(This is the most costly and also the most manageable part of the equation.)

To weave (like a quilt) and/or clean up video is $150 an hour. We also offer a sliding scale payment option for story-tellers looking to create a more movie-like story similar to what is featured on cable like the Biography channel. This can include photos and music woven into the story being told and can vary from very simple to very elaborate depending on the expectation, taste, budget and heart’s desire of the customer requesting the movie.

For customers who want to play a more proactive “self-service” role in the making of a Storytelling Movie, he or she can view and review the storytelling session at home and make decisions about what to keep in and what to keep out of a final movie. Think of this as a “paint by numbers” approach where the Story Weavers at My Story follow the detailed instructions of our customers and significantly reduce the cost of making a movie. My Story personnel serve as the technicians and swiftly move to the goals of the requests of the customer.