What is My Story?

My Story is a company that creates life story video documentaries of grandparents, veterans and other golden aged citizens who desire to pass their remarkable stories onto future generations. My Story’s goal is to preserve memories by capturing clear, complete, and compelling stories that are not only important to their families, but to the rest of humanity.


When Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005 thousands of people lost their homes. Since then, many have rebuilt the structures they live in. Yet, those who lost their photos and video memories lost many puzzle pieces of their life. Mr. Ramirez, President of My Story often says when talking about the preservation of memories, “after the lives and well-being of the people and pets that live in a home, the next most important things are the pictures and video.” Even though some of those videos and photos are forgotten in shoeboxes or in the dark closets of our home everybody knows that losing photos and/or videos is extremely painful. Homes, vehicles, electronics, they are all replaceable. However, memories of those people are not unless they have been digitally secured and are stored somewhere off the property.
The “preserved memory” is the unit of measure at My Story. A picture scanned, a storytelling session, an edited movie, a refreshed video that has been transferred from VHS to DVD are all examples of “preserved memories.” The list is endless. We actually don’t know all the types of memories that people will want to preserve but we do know that “the story” is the underlying foundation that has value and that we should strive to connect to the pictures, video or objects that mark a person’s life.